Ratings to need real trackwork

Jun 26, 2016

Setting aside the problems that have beset the new Eagle Farm, track ratings have become a hot topic of discussion in the past fortnight, following the downgrading of Ipswich and conjecture over Eagle Farm’s Soft (5) assessment.

Gold Coast trainer Toby Edmonds said there was a simple fix.

“They should put a couple of horses over the track every morning before they give out the assessment,” he said.

“That’s the only way to truly tell.

‘‘See how the ground reacts to horses going over it.”

Edmonds said galloping horses on different sections of the track, which they did in the southern states, would allow assessors to make a far more accurate call of how the ground should be rated.

Punters have felt cheated the past fortnight with jockeys claiming the track was playing far worse than the official reading both weeks.

News from Nathan Exelby, the Courier Mail